Kombucha was introduced to me as a natural remedy for constipation. Before I knew of this beverage, I suffered from digestion problem and felt bloated after I had a big meal. The first time I drank Kombucha, I went to the toilet within thirty minutes and felt much lighter afterwards. From then, I live by Kombucha and it acts as a fuel to go about my daily routine!

The idea of brewing Kombucha stemmed from a conversation I had with my friends. If not for the chat, I would not have known that constipation is a common problem, and many people don’t know how to avoid it.  

Taking off the shelf probiotics medicine may be effective, but it is not a long-term solution to relief constipation. Therefore, from then, I had the idea of making my own and sharing the goodness to everyone in need.

At the start, I met many failures when brewing Kombucha as I had little knowledge of what Kombucha is and its brewing process. After many months of researching and attending workshops, I finally brewed the first successful batch of Kombucha! Overjoyed, I brought my Kombucha for a taste test. Some of my family members and friends had a difficult time swallowing the drink, let alone enjoying it. It is understandable that they felt this way as Kombucha is slightly acidic in nature and it may taste like vinegar if it is brewed for a long period of time. That was when I started doing in-depth researching about the taste and acidity level of Kombucha, and ventured across Junbucha, and the rest is history…

Akin to my brand name, Kombuchaps (to brew and enjoy Kombucha together), I hope my Kombucha and Junbucha will soon become a staple in your household! Together, we will live a healthy gut life! A healthy gut is a healthy mind, do you agree? Cheers!